Fielding vs Alvarez

Fielding vs Alvarez : On Saturday at Madison Square Garden, WBC and WBA Super World Middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez will look to add another title to his trophy case. Alvarez is stepping up to the super middleweight division to challenge WBA Regular Champion Rocky Fielding.

Fielding vs Alvarez Live

Alvarez is giving up a ton of height and natural size to Fielding. The 31-year-old from Liverpool stands 6’1″ and possesses a 75″ reach. Alvarez (5’9″ and 70″) is giving up four inches in height and five in the reach department.

The length challenges haven’t had much of an impact on oddsmakers. Per OddsShark, Alvarez is a minus-1600 favorite and Fielding is a plus-800 underdog. Fielding is 27-1 in his career with just 15 KOs. That relatively low KO rate is one of the reasons most don’t give him much of a chance to defeat Alvarez.

However, Alvarez, who is 50-1-2 with 34 KO, hasn’t been finishing opponents at the clip he once did earlier in his career. In fact, he hasn’t scored a stoppage win since September 2016 when he finished Liam Smith (the only man to beat Fielding) via ninth-round KO.

When you mix all of those stats, history and physical perspective in a pot, oddsmakers have come up with the following prop bets for those looking for options beyond the simple win-lose wagers, per

Clearly, the most attractive odds are on Alvarez winning by stoppage. It would make sense, but you may have some folks who will favor Alvarez winning by decision. Those odds are next up, and it’s almost what I’m inclined to recommend.

Fielding’s size probably won’t be enough to make up for the speed and skill advantages that Alvarez enjoys, but it could be just enough to allow him to survive 12 rounds. The longshots¬†are essentially any kind of Fielding win or a draw.

Interestingly enough, the longest odds are on a Fielding decision win and a draw. Chances are, the unlikelihood of Fielding winning by a decision are based on Alvarez’s superior boxing skill. Also, it figures to be near impossible for Fielding to earn the nod from the judges in a close battle.

He has to blow Alvarez out, drop and/or finish him to win this fight. Not many give him much of a chance to get that done.

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